For over three decade, Prefabricados Agustín family-run business has consistently managed to adapt to its users’ requirements. The company’s foundations–closeness and tailored service– are always at the forefront of all the workers’ in mind.

Concrete being such a versatile raw material, Prefabricados Agustín offers a broad range of precast concrete products, ranging from irrigation concrete sheds to large farming or industrial facilities, precast tanks,portable retaining walls, prefabricated troughs and much more.

If the unit you are looking for does not appear on our website, do not hesitate to contact us – we will be glad to do some research and provide advice on the best possible way of obtaining it.

Naves ganaderas prefabricadas

Pig farm buildings

Naves agrícolas prefabricadas

Sheep & goat farm buildings

Naves industriales prefabricadas

Industrial units

Cerramientos estructura metálica

Closing systems for metal frame structures

Depósitos de hormigón

Precast concrete tanks

Casetas prefabricadas

Concrete sheds

Separadores de cereal

Portable retaining walls

Muros y vallados prefabricados

Precast conc.fences & walls

Comederos unifeed

Unifeed feed troughs